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Agro Textec® Agro Our TexTec® Agro line consists of the Poritex exudative textile tube, 100% porous, which is an innovative irrigation system with European technology that not only saves water, electrical energy and labor, but also allows irrigation through a hose woven with very fine synthetic fibers... View Products Eco Textec® Eco Learn more about our products with environmentally friendly materials. In this way we contribute to the world. We will answer your questions and concerns.

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Friction Textec® Friction The yarns we produce for our TexTec® Friction line can be woven into cords, ribbons or fabrics for various uses. View Products Mouthpieces Textec® Face Mask
("Face Mask")
Standardized tri-layer face mask (European standard AFNOR mod.2 (SPEC S76-001) for barrier masks, March 27, 2020) totally made in Mexico as an aid in the prevention of infection by the SARS-Cov-2 virus causing the disease COVID-19. View Products
Geo Textec® Geo With our TexTec® Geo line, we are a company specialized in the manufacture, supply and manufacturing of nonwoven geotextiles, which is a type of textile produced with fibers joined by needlepunching. View Products Exteriors Textec®
Collection of decorative fabrics for upholstery, cushions, parasols, curtains made with materials and processes that confer high color fastness, weather resistance, mildew resistance, water and dirt repellent properties. View Products
Protection Textec® Protection Our TexTec® PROTECTION textile line is used for the manufacture of accessories for protection against high temperatures. View Products

Our Experience

Our more than 60 years of experience in the technical textiles industry has allowed us to position ourselves as a worldwide company with customers in the United States, Europe, Central and South America.

Who are we?

We are a family-owned textile group specialized in spinning and weaving, manufacturing blankets since 1881.

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Product Lines

we are the first manufacturer in Mexico of textile articles elaborated with technical fiberglass fibers...

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Who are we?

We are a family textile group specialized in spinning and weaving that has been manufacturing blankets since 1881 (www.cobertoressanluis.com.mx ).
And as Textiles Técnicos S.A. de C.V. since 1960 (now TexTec®) we are the first manufacturer in Mexico of textile articles made with technical fiberglass fibers, PANO oxidized acrylic fiber, biosoluble ceramic fiber and other advanced fibers for uses in friction elements, industrial gaskets, thermal and electrical insulation and safety clothing for protection against high temperatures.

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